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Bachelor/ette Party Gifts

Here you will find a variety of items that will fit the occasion ... and your budget.
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Cuffs, Clamps, Cups
Original Nipple Cuffs
All dressed up with nothing on at all! Jewelry for special occasions. Perfect for your parties. Different metals -- different styles. Nickel, gold on brass.

$40.00 - $75.00

Adam's Grabbers & Gillian's Grippers
His and Hers -- he has rings, she has chain. Hers come in colors and White. His, Black only.

Either pair $15.00

Suckerfish and The Libertitty Bells
Can also be "H&H" - Fish for him; Bells for her -- choice of clear or Black for the Suckerfish. Both plain, with rings or with chain.

Starting at $10.00/pr

Implements of Affection
Whips, Canes, Crops & Quirts
Silken Lash
A real braided whip, but with a gentle silky end replacing the "cracker." A "pleasure whip."


SchoolMaster Cane

The legendary instrument of punishment in English schools.

Starting at $15.00


Poly rods make these "shower-proof." Two handles, two types.

Your Choice $35.00

Junior Quirt
Braided leather, colors vary, imported from Mexico.


Horse Quirt
Horsehair replaces the quirt ends, on either Black or Brown leather quirts.


Keep your distance, but get up close and personal. Also see Nylon Vegan version.


Foxy Loxy
A favorite, especially for softies. Just draw it across the skin. Torture isn't always pain. Occasionally available in colors.


Floggers and Cats
The Basics
A variety of sizes and leathers to suit all tastes while being kind to your budget.

$20.00 - $35.00

Hip Whip
Small enough to fit in pocket or purse. Can be used as a key ring. And, it really works. Choice of leathers and colors on solid brass ring. A longtime favorite.


The Aristo-Cats
Nylon floggers. Vegan friendly. Choose length and size of tress-bundle. Can be gentle. Available in colors or white.


The Tribble
Soft, combed Nylon tresses make this a real "affectionate implement." Can be made in White too. (If it won't be used too often. White gets dirty.)


Hame Ball
Unusual. Can be had with choice of tresses, brass or chrome handle and choice of leathers, from gentle to ohmygawd.


Claw Ball
Victorian brass clawfoot for the handle. Choice of leather and color.


Flying Horses
There are several models to choose from, in Black, Brown or (on special order) Blonde. In wood or our Signature handle.


Paddles and Straps
Pocket Paddle
Plastic (can get wet) or leather (can't), in 2 sizes, holes optional.

$30.00 - $50.00

Traditional Slappers
Economical favorites. In natural Tan. 20" long -


*Also see the Specials in our Bargains and Clearance section*

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