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Faux Birches

     It looks as if they should hurt! Actually, they don’t -- at least not much. These small bundles of thin rattan canes in a black plastic handle are more an invigorating massage accessory than instruments of chastisement. Plastic bands around the bundle allow you to experiment with sensations. Tighter is more like pain, a looser setting covers more area with tingling sensations.

    Following are excerpts from two emails received from happy users:

   "The (large Faux)Birch looks long and thick and makes an interesting swishing noise in motion as well as a relatively loud impact. Despite the sound, it is a surprisingly light implement, even when clustered tightly. It is definitely very suitable for sensual purpose. A classical styled, must have, addition to any sensual spanner's toy box. D"
    "I have to thank you for the best weekend of my life. Less than a week ago, I purchased the Deluxe Cane and Faux Birch, both of which, I learned only hours ago, exceeded expectations. They are beautifully crafted and animal-free. On top of that, they deliver an impact that is completely and entirely out of this world. A"

     "I just placed an order for the large Faux Birch. ... We purchased one nearly 2 years ago and Master has absolutely worn it out.  I love the twinkle in His eyes as He's preparing to give me a work-out with it -- it's truly His favorite toy. S
Small Faux Moderate      24” long $35.     C016
Large Faux Moderate    30” long       $45.      C015