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The Brothers

  The single thickness is considered by many to be more severe than slapper or "doubled over" designs. Slightly more skill and attention are called for to place the strokes accurately.

     The Big Brother™ is a heavy punishment strap made of premium harness leather about 3/16" thick and is one of our best designs. Smooth and supple from the first, it mellows and becomes even more limber with use.

    Instead of a powerful punishment instrument, the Little Brother™ (or Little Spanker) is a pleasant warm-up toy, perfect for bedroom use and over-the-knee. Since we introduced it in our first collection, it has been very popular.




     A new addition to the "family" is the Middle Brother, an intermediate size between the other two and distiguished by the rounded corners, requested first by the customer that first ordered it. Also available with the familiar square corners like the other Brothers.


A user told us:

   "I am having a wonderful time with the Little Bro and the Middle Bro ... the ones I have are doing a terrific job. I have treated each one's blade with leather conditioner until they are very supple and whippy. Very nice. Great stingers.GS"

We've had inquiries from customers about the size and use of the Big Brother:

   "Is the Big Brother your closest to an old-fashioned razor strap? I had imagined them as being longer, but perhaps the handle makes up for the difference."

    A barber's strop is usually between 20" and 24" long including the metal hook and the handle. A household strap would be a little shorter. The Big Brother is usually 20-22" long ... and in my opinion it can be taken out to about 24" without too much loss of control. We also use a leather about twice the thickness of the barber's strop.

   "Would this instrument be adequate for self-discipline? If not, which of your products would you recommend for this type of sensation, self-administered?"JMP

It depends on whether you want to hit back or butt ... and what kind of effect you're looking for. The Big Brother does a pretty good job with an around-the-hip shot to the butt. For use over the shoulder to the back, it probably wants to be cut down to 18 to 20".*

Li'l Bro
Gentle 2.25 x 14 $50.
Middle Brother
Moderate 2.5  x 18 $70.
Big Brother
Severe 2.5  x 22* $85.