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Dragon Cane

   This is the elusive cane you've heard about.

  For years we have heard about "Dragon Cane" as being something special ... but rare -- until now!

   We discovered a source and have imported a limited quantity of this special rattan. We are offering it now in both a light and heavy diameter, depending on length.

    Our initial testing reveals the Dragon Cane is denser, more flexible and less likely to split than a regular rattan cane. And the feel? -- it has to be experienced to be appreciated! Its darker color will differentiate this cane from ordinary rattan, at home or in public.

    Our Modern Handle is offered with this cane. There is more than meets the eye to this handle design. An internal double-helix of nylon paracord strengthens and stabilizes the cane's performance while providing a comfortable and slip-free grip.  It is available in a wide choice of colors and combos.
    Now you can get the Modern Dragon Cane with a Scabbard to protect it and make it easier to carry.

We also offer the SchoolMaster style, with a curved handle ... and our Plain Cane.

   Order yours today. Every style makes an unusual and elegant gift for the dedicated cane-lover.

   Please note: The pricing is based on the style of Cane and not the length or diameter. All Canes of the same style are at the same price. So, pick the length that's right for you. Usually, the shorter Canes (27" & 33") are made in the narrower diameter (6 - 9 mm) and the longer ones, (36" & 38") in the wider diameter (9 - 12 mm). You can specify otherwise by email when you order, or leave a message in the "Delivery" section of the Order Form.

The "reviews" are coming in:
"I just want to say I am thoroughly enjoying my Dragon Cane, Delrin Cane (Black Rod) and the Jailer's Cat that you made for me recently. My play partner is particularly enamoured with the Dragon Cane. 'It's my favorite!A'"

 "Just wanted to say the Dragon canes are most "effective" and stunningly beautiful. I gave one as a present to a Mistress who has a junior Dragon in her collection but never one like this. She was thrilled and I know how much.:) D"

"The Cane is indeed very different and a bit more on the rigid side than usual, and I wonder how that might turn out after some usage, but it is already very powerful as it is.Z"

   "I think she loves the Dragon and has inquired about getting more of the same. She also wondered if the dragon was available in a thinner version too. Is possible to get more of these before your supply runs out?H"

   "BTW, I can tell you that from my own personal experience, in the right hands (and on the right bottom:)), it produces dramatic results.M"

   "... it arrived and all I can say is "Ouch"! This Cane has way more deep sting than any normal rattan - and that was experienced in "test" mode! Trouble ahead for sure. Thanks for getting these out to your customers!W"

Modern - Severe
27" - 38" long   $60. C008
SchoolMaster - Severe 27" - 36" long $45. C009
Plain - Severe 27" - 38" long $30. C009a