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Rubber Strop Straps

    Simplicity itself … a quarter- inch neoprene rubber strap with a subtle handle shape cut into the rubber itself ... plus a bit of leather for a wrist strap/hanging loop.

   This is another customer-designed item. The guy simply didn’t like the “bulky” handles we spent so much effort designing for our rubber straps. But, losing the handle lowers the price significantly and it takes some of the power out of the strap. The Dominant can swing with full force, but with less effect than if there were a hard handle or stiffener to provide leverage ... but harder to control. And, there is the aesthetic of simplicity.

The standard configurations are ¼" x 2 ½" x 24" and ¼ x 2 ½ x 18", both with rounded edges.

   However, if you want something longer, shorter, wider, or softer … if you want sharp edges (ouchies!) you can have that too. Call, write or make a note on the order form in the Delivery section.

If you want a simple stiffener added to the handle … add $25. to the price.

Short Strop
Severe 2.5" x 18"or 20" long  
Long Strop    Severe 2.5" x 24", 28" or 30"long