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The Taws (or Tawes)

   The term "tawes" (or taws) is most likely taken from the old Scots dialect word for "two." It was a punishment strap used to strike the hands of school children, usually made of any convenient scrap of strap leather and often toasted over a fire to make it more "wood-like."


   Our modern versions are intended more for striking butt and are crafted to be a bit more flexible than the originals. We make several models: from the more moderate version of the Rev. Cooper's (S037), which can be used on the hands as well, to the Large Scottish Taws (S035) which is more serious. They all are crafted in a "rough-hewn" flavor, with an undyed center split and a "back-side" that is left in its original hide condition to maintain as much thickness as possible.
S037                                    May we make one for you?  
Rev. Cooper's Taws   Moderate  
2.0" x 16"  
Medium Taws Moderate-Severe    1.5" x 20"
Large Scottish Tawes Severe 2.0" x 24"