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See Sade's Favorite Toy
De Truth about De Sade. A fascinating look at the "Divine Marquis" by our own Mitch Kessler. It was the Cover Story of Issue #29.   He's not what you might expect.

Did you know that the Marquis de Sade was a bisexual switch in real life?

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    Six of the Best! - Canes and Caning - An overview of the techniques of caning, the pros and cons of different kinds of canes, what constitutes a "Proper Caning" ... and more.

   Written by "Sir Adam," (Mitch Kessler) it first appeared in Issue #19.

Did you know that Back Issues of The Guardian are available for $6.00 each including postage, to US post office addresses?

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    Paddles and Straps - What makes a Paddle different from a Strap? Where and how to use a paddle properly. How to choose a paddle or a strap. Illustrated.
    Written by Gerrie Blum, this article appears in Issue #29.

Did you know: we don't make wood paddles, because wood is harder than bone, and is less forgiving of "error"?

    Bottoms Up! A look at Spanking: positions ... for the spanker and the spankee, implements to use to relieve tired, sore hands -- and the "sweet spot."
    We found the article on the web with no author credited. It appears in Issue #19.

Did you know that with topics from technique to relationships to legal issues, The Guardian is a cross between "US (leather) News and World Report" and "Better Homes and Dungeons"?

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An Introduction to the Fine Art of Flogging - The first of four articles -- what constitutes a good flogging experience for both Top and bottom. It appears, with its illustrations, in Issue #30, our 10th Anniversary issue. The article is by "whipmaster" and Master Whipmaker, Mitch Kessler.

Did you know that in the navy, flogging was done with a "cat" and not a flogger as currently defined?

See our Floggers
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The Secrets of Flogger Tress & Handle Design: Which materials are gentle? Which are harsh? How long should a flogger be? All this and more are in this article which first appeared in Issue #24.

   You can read excerpts of it written by our professional whipmaker, "Adam Selene."

For practical, factual, useful information, The Guardian was the BDSM/leather/fetish community's "Journal of Realities" from 1988 to 2000 and is still a valuable resource for the novice, the "old-timer" or the curious.
The Lupercalia - The February 15th Holiday that all BDSMers should be celebrating ... and from which the St. Valentine's Day custom devolved.

Issue #20
of The Guardian has the whole story, including the apology the church made when they regretfully decided to end the holiday practice. Excerpts can be found by clicking on the title above.
Did you know that
Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" begins on the Lupercalia with Marc Antony preparing to run.

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ps Click Here

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How to Tie One On - Changing a popper on a single tail, or the leather tails on a Quirt can be difficult. This article will "walk you" through the process, step by step with photographs and written instructions. Issue #33

Did you know that
we also have an article
explaining how to make
a popper from scratch?

Illustrations from The Guardian available as Greeting Cards

The original Berkeley Horse was a popular Victorian piece of "dunge-iture." K.D.'s version appears
in Issue #30 of The SandMUtopian Guardian.

This Cartoon, by our "cartoonist in residence," K.D. Pierre,
first appeared in Issue #28 of
The Guardian.
The "alphabet soup" seems to grow over the years.

In Issue #36, K.D. taught us the "one big happy family" concept of the BDSM world. Useful precepts in the world of
the 21st Century!



K.D. Pierre's work is included in each of our issues. In addition, they are available as Greeting Cards and in larger form, as matted and/or framed art.

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