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The Penultimate Cat

   Combine the length and heft of a "pool cue-like pole" with extra long tarred-codline tresses, and you have an approximation of what they were supposed to have used in the 19th Century British fleet.

   A customer of ours who is a Re-enactor, asked us to make him one similar to this. We thought it so unusual, that we now offer it to others who want something really different and really serious!

Lewis & Clark Commemorative Cat

  In 1804, Lewis and Clark set out to explore the West. Their journals indicate that in order to preserve discipline during the trek, they took with them a "flogger" similar to this.

   To mark the 200th Anniversary of that adventure in 2004 we offered this unusual Cat o' Nine described in their journals. We made the first one for a historical society. This would make a great gift for someone who is a history buff -- or who has a full toy bag.

Can be had with knots or with whipped ends.

Penultimate Cat
 52" long  
Lewis & Clark
42" long
Cats II