Holes in Paddles

   These days, holes in paddles are almost always, always, straight sided holes punched or drilled entirely through the paddle.
    However, "way back when" the holes added to wooden paddles were "blind" - they did not completely penetrate the wood. Sometimes a small through-hole was drilled at the base of the larger blind hole, on the theory that the flesh of the person being paddled would be pushed into the blind hole, where it would close the smaller hole, creating suction, which would then pull on the flesh as the paddle was drawn back for another stroke.

   Personally, we're agnostic on the subject of holes increasing or decreasing the severity of impact implements -- still, people do want holes in their paddles, and we aim to please. So we're offering yet another option, the more archaic "two-diameter, tapered sides" style of paddle hole.

Blind Holes - Tapered sides
Regular Holes - Straight sides