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Read more about it:   How to Tie One On - Changing a Popper or a Leather End.

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Please note: Our imported whips, braided in Mexico, are no longer available. Our single tails, made here in our shop are of course always here along with your choices for material, color, size, etc.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Single Lash Whips

Feature Item - Adam’s Masterpiece! The Viper. A single tapered codline braid in Signature handle with 12 knotted tress-tips.- extreme  36" long


French Whipsicle

Our handbraided Whipsicle lash has a weighted core, in our Signature handle. Brown Moosehide is standard-  moderate  36” long


Wood Whipsicle

Uniquely ours. Wood-handled; braided. - choice of leathers and style of end. Now in our furniture-finish handle.- moderate  36” long overall


Brass Whipsicle

An elegant gift. Single tail party whip. Braided in our shop - deerskin or cowhide in a Brass handle, choice of "enders."  - gentle 33” long

Carved Lash
Single round leather whiplash in our New, Improved wood handle  Unusual. - severe  36" long
Non-Leather Whips

Nasty Swisher Horsewhip

For serious players only!
Once again, we made a custom item and have decided to share it here. Our interpretation of the classic Driver's Horsewhip in people-size. 50" overall is standard. Choice of handle colors.
Our Buggy Whip
Unusual. Superior quality, extremely accurate. Quirt end. Choice of color to add to nylon handle- moderate 52" long - or to your length spec.
Codline Colts
  W060 - W062
From the old American fleet comes this "motivator" and punishment tool. In our tarred codline - braided and knotted. Another "heirloom in the making" from our own "Adam Selene." 36" or 42"- extreme-savage
The Viper & The Boa
  K090 - K092

Adam’s Masterpieces! Single tapered codline braid in Signature handle with 12 knotted tress-tips.- extreme  36-48" long

A customer recently wrote to say:
"(I'm someone who is) fairly new to the world of feeling the loving touch of a single tail ... and who is purchasing these items to be used on herself!!!!!! :)   My life seems all new and exciting with the magic of this lifestyle!D"

What is a Whip?

   The term, "whip" has taken on a generic meaning of anything with which you can whip someone, or some thing. In the BDSM world, “Cats” and “Floggers” are often called whips, while “proper” whips are likely to be called “single-tails.”  Fortunately, we offer Cats, Floggers, and single-tail Whips -- as well as Paddles, Straps, and Canes and many other BDSM toys.

  Strictly speaking, whips have a single lash, which is usually braided and tapered so that when “thrown,” the whip’s tip accelerates, breaking the sound barrier, thereby making a loud cracking noise. It is this sound ... the crack of the whip ... that makes stockwhips and bullwhips useful for driving cattle and entertaining spectators.  

   Some of the BDSM toys listed above are made for and imported by us and meet our rigorous standards. Other whips and lashes are made here in our Long Island workshop. Some whips are brought in and then modified by us for your pleasure. We also have a few whips which are unique to our workshop. This information is included on each page, so you know what you are buying.

   Some whips have more choices to make than others. For example, the Whipsicles have choice of leathers as well as the tip configuration. Many, but not all, of the whips can be slightly modified from the original on request. Call for specifics if you have such need.

   All these whips are excellent values and will give you much pleasure and satisfaction. Our warranty extends to all the whips, "foreign and domestic" that we sell here.

    Be sure to see the articles on Single Lash Whips in The SandMUtopian Guardian while you are here.

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