Tying Poppers or Leather Ends on a Snake-, Our Buggy Whip, or a Quirt

    Whips are designed with an open loop at the end, allowing it to be fitted with bull-whip-style nylon poppers or quirt-style leather thongs.
   Generally speaking, the poppers are used for "noise-making" also known as Whip-Cracking, and the leather thongs are used when making actual contact. Frequent cracking of the leather thongs will fray and erode its tips, shortening its useful life. Conversely, making contact with the nylon tips at cracking speed lmay cause unacceptably severe cuts.

Nylon Popper

To fit a nylon popper, first untwist the closed end and pass the loop of the whip-lash through the opening.
Pass the fuzzy end of the popper back thru the loop of the lash.

Pull tight. This forms a square knot, joining the popper to the whip-lash.

Leather Quirt End


Pass the leather thong thru the open loop at the end of the whip-lash.

Bring one end of the thong under the lash.

Pass the same end over the loop of the lash and under itself.

Pull tight. This knot has the anatomy of a bowline knot or "sheet bend."

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