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Small Design Changes

   One of the advantages of "benchmade" or "custom" workmanship is that each item is slightly different than every other one like it “out there.” We can build to suit your preferences and there is usually little or no increase in price for this special attention.

   A time-consuming change or one involving significantly more costly material will raise the price. It will also create a "custom" piece that will not be returnable or refundable.

Specifying Floggers

   Flogger measurements are given as "length overall" -- from the butt of the handle, (excluding the wrist loop or bale,) to the end of the tresses. e.g. - A 27" flogger typically has a 9" handle and 18"of tress. If you have precise measurements in mind, or a different tress-to-handle ratio, please let us know when you order.

Tress Count

   The number of tresses, or "tails," on a flogger can vary from flogger to flogger of the same design, because the thickness of leather often varies from hide to hide -- especially in the case of deerskin and moosehide.

For example: Bullhide is nearly twice the thickness of "garment leather," which is a little thinner than most deer, which is, in turn, thinner than most moose. And, obviously, two floggers using the same amount of leather will have a different number of tresses if the tresses are of differing widths. Our standard tress width is 3/8" (9.3mm). We routinely provide 1/4" and 1/2" widths as well on request, at no extra charge.

Strap Leather

   We have settled on 12 oz. as our standard strap leather: 12/64" thick ... roughly 4.5 mm -- about 50% thicker than a “garrison belt.” That's about as thick as "Burger Beast" hides are allowed to get these days. However, for special requirements we do use a heavy oak-tanned cowhide called "sole bend" that is a whopping 1/4" thick, at no extra cost. But even these thicker hides are getting harder to find.

Custom Paddles

   Paddles can use up an astonishing amount of expensive, laminated leather. When estimating the cost of a custom design we look at the widest dimension and the overall length. The standard thickness is just shy of 1/2" ... again, "give or take a smidgen" -- depending on the thickness of the particular part of the particular hide from which we cut the leather.

Legacy Designs

    For the past few years, our products have been evolving in the direction of "bigger." Floggers and plastic canes are longer, paddles and straps have grown thicker. If you have seen one of our products in a friend's toybag and you want one "just like it," please get the exact measurements ... number of tresses ... actual dimensions -- and let us know how close a match you expect.

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