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Issue #19

CANES AND CANING -- by Mitch Kessler.
Everything you want to know about the customs, rituals and pleasures of caning. Also, choosing the right cane and the right material.  [Read article.]

by Conrad Hodson
. How to Fill Your Life with Places to Attach Bondage. Illustrated.

How to Handle the Personal Ads, Including Location, Gimmicks.

BED AND DUNGEON GETAWAYS by: Gerrie Blum. Two Examples of Overnight Accommodations with that Extra Something.

THE PAYNE, THE PAIN! by Lady Gillian 
A Trip to an SM Haircutting Salon in the New York area.

SPANKING FOR EVERYONE An online article about Spanking positions, etc.   [Read article]

VISITING A PROFESSIONAL SUBMISSIVE by Stephen. Why? How? and What Should You Expect?

CENTERFOLD -- HOW TO MAKE A SPANKING BENCH Complete illustrated instructions for constructing your very own.

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