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Li'l Aussie

    Our Mexican braider offered us something new and we have added it to our Whips section.

   It's a pretty cowhide thing, well braided and not as bulky as some ... about 4 feet of braid and handle, plus the fall and popper. And it's Li'l in name only. Perfect for indoors ... and cracks like a 'Roo.

First, our customer wrote to tell us:
"Your site photo does not do this whip justice. This is an amazing fucking whip. I have great control with the weight, and it is the perfect length. Thank you so much. The loop at the end is not even as close to as big as it looks on your site. This should be your number one seller right here.J"

Then, he followed up with:
I actually hold an even higher opinion. I have more control than I thought possible. I can let it roll out and tease a sting, and I can also open up skin if I wanted to. All with an even crack. I've been practicing on a leather jacket. I love it. Daddyjohny"

And, recently another client told us:
   "The whip arrived ... It is beautiful. I have already begun breaking it in and I am so pleased with it.K"

60" +  overall