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    For years, people (including us) were playing with a variety of other suction toys which would engorge and sensitize the nipple --  and as a substitute for the harsher clip and clamp kind of nipple toys. We wanted something with a lot of power, a way of attaching weights or control lines and a simple design. To get all the features we wanted, we had to have our design molded for us.           
-- Inside dia=1" OD 1.25"--

   This is a novelty and not a medical device. Suckerfish™ are intended to temporarily sensitize and enlarge men’s and women’s nipples without the pinching and cutting sometimes encountered with spring-driven designs, as well as lending themselves to imaginative long term nipple play.

    However, we’ve gotten a few anecdotal reports that people using suction devices of this kind on a regular (daily) and prolonged (hours) basis actually increase their nipples' size and erection -- at least between sessions. We are not claiming this works, nor are we recommending it as a good idea if it does -- we “just don’t know enough.” But we do pass on the information for your amusement.

   For what it’s worth we also pass on this warning: So far as we know there have been no reports of long-term negative effects from using suction devices of this kind. However, they will make “hickeys” if left on long enough. The time varies with the individual.  If it is important not to leave marks, it is necessary to check the area from time to time.  Deep red circles become deep blue circles by morning. Some people like that!

This is what a customer told us:
   "... whomever told u that the nipple suckers enlarged their nipples wasn't lying. I do not know how long the results will last but a young lady friend (after I put them on her, said) the effect last(ed a) few days (and) they were super sensitive and when she played with them they stood erect and fuller than she ever had seen. I tried them with the same effect!J"

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