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Sam Bok's Rod- The Shortbok

aka Sjambok, Shambok or Sambok. Some also add a "c"= Sjambock

    Originally, tribal people carved sjamboks from dried elephant or rhinoceros hide, employing them as both symbolic and practical emblems of authority. 
    Sjamboks were also used for personal self-defense, and non-lethal dueling.

   Ours are made of flexible polypropylene like the South African “police issue,” once used as a low tech alternative to chemical Mace for riot control.

    This is a new version, with a handle that will be familiar to BDSMers. It comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience.

   We have designed them for "safe & sane, consensual" BDSM use, but this is still a “weapons grade” rod that can make itself felt through leather britches or impress the toughest customer!

This just in from Europe:
   "I simply LOVE the Shortbok. And have used it several times already. It leaves beautiful red marks every time with great accuracy! M"

A visitor to our site told us:  
    "I was a South African policeman who used the Sjambok in riot control, and have seen the effects.   Do your customers know what they're buying? ... because a Sjambok will cut you pretty badly with very little force."

Shortbok - Serious 26” to 32" long