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Signal Whips - The style is like that used in the Iditarod race in Alaska ... a braided thong with the popper braided into the end. It can be in 6, 8, 12, or more plaits. Our whips are specially made for indoor play and for human use.

Kangaroo Signal Whip           W018 

   There are no compromises; only a few improvements ... this is the right whip at the right price that we've been working toward all these years.
    Superbly plaited in Mexico from unglazed premium Kangaroo hide, this version of the classic Iditarod Race design is subtly different from the classic musher’s construction everyone has been buying from Australian craftsmen for the past 20 years.  Most importantly, it is a somewhat heavier and more robust whip with a thicker handle than the original.

   Even the 12 plait, 3’ version cracks, loud and easy, right out of the box. When it breaks in ... and it does faster than most -- it "flows like water," becoming as snakey a whip with as much accuracy and precision as anyone could hope for.                       
    The extra weight and more pronounced taper allow a larger, softer nylon popper to deliver a loud, sharp, rifle-like crack without a lot of muscle behind the throw. As a result, in a "‘no touch" stroke this signal whip delivers a more substantial puff of air to the skin, and is less likely to cut deeply in a light "full-contact" touch. The longer popper can be "trimmed back"as it wears. (Sorry, replacing the popper of a Signal Whip is still a job for a skilled braider who has done the job before.)

    The standard color is Black. For patterns or more exotic colors: please call for quotes.

As for the care of a 'Roo, Adam says:  "The nice thing about Kangaroo leather is that it extremely care-free. As long as you avoid the extremes of dry heat and of damp there's almost nothing you need do to keep the leather in condition. So, no leaving the whip in car trunks, uninsulated attics, etc. No damp basements or boat bilges.

   "Generally, I believe 'leave well enough alone.' I've never used dressing on any of my kangaroo hide whips. But, but there are any number of leather dressings that will give the whip a bit more shine, seal against moisture and do no harm. Pecard™ leather dressing is probably the most popular and most highly recommended. But you can also get away with light coats of petroleum jelly or even unscented mineral oil.

(Should the whip by some bizarre set of circumstances get really wet ... the drill would be to let it air dry gently, and then give it a rub down with a series of light coats of unscented mineral oil or leather dressing.)

   "Any clear shoe polish will also seal, enhance shine and do no harm -- my bias is toward the old fashioned hard cake waxes, rather than the more modern "creams."

   "Some rodeo performers slather their whips with petroleum jelly to add shine and weight, and it does no harm -- though their whips are greasy to the touch."

Customers have told us:  
    "I purchased a "signaltail" kangaroo back in December, and it's faboo! Like, really. The price, the quality...nothing beats it. Or rather, everyone does.  Or something. *scratches head* Em"
 "I've received the kangaroo whip and gifted it to my Dominant, ... we have had our first session with it. Sir absolutely LOVES it, and it feels great! ... I will make sure all our lifestyle friends are made aware of your business.K "

Latigo Signal Whip             W020

      We've been improving this whip for over two years and we think we've finally got it right. After tinkering with some rather subtle design and construction details, we have come up with a reasonably priced three foot cowhide signal whip that is both accurate and easy to crack. (No mean feat at three feet long!)           

   (The standard has been four feet long, which might be a bit too long for comfortable indoor use by some. The conventional wisdom had been that shorter whips were too difficult for beginners to manage, so players were advised to use 3' whips for "hitting" and longer whips for "noise-making.")

   Our Latigo Signal whip is very nicely cut and braided eight-plait cowhide, with a lead-loaded handle for balance.  It breaks in easily to achieve the supple "snakiness" needed for precise response and exact placement. Russet is standard. Other colors available on special order. Call.

    Long-term care is simple. The leather responds well to all standard cleaners and dressings, from Lexol to good old petroleum jelly.

   This is a small, economical Signal Whip which we can recommend to first-timers with confidence. It just "rolls out" -- and cracks -- right out of the box! If you want to experiment with single tail play and build some basic cowboy skills without a major financial investment, this is the Signal Whip you want!

Customers have written to say:
   " I think I'll need a bit more practice with the signal whip, but it looks nice and sleek and doesn't seem to need that much breaking in.Z"
    "I've got the whip cracking very well , it is a joy in My hand.M"

   "After a couple of hours with this thing, I have two words - “Holy Shit!” In those 2 hours I’ve gone from pretty much cutting a hotel pillow in half, to now cracking it at will, and being able to control both direction and force, from hard to very soft. I feel like I (was) given a fight-ready pit bull that I’ve tamed into an obedient German Shepard. Loyal and curly, but don’t piss it off. Much practice yet needed, but it feels almost intuitive and, each time I use it, it feels more and more natural. Great quality, great feel - very happy.Dv"

Kangaroo Whip-12 plait Intense  3' long
Reg. $165.    $145.
Latigo Whip-8 plait     Intense  3' long
                     $ 90.