Bargain !
DeLuxe Cane "Seconds" -- Just $20. each


   The DeLuxe Cane raises the ordinary rattan cane to a new level of elegance and performance. Saturated with a linseed oil compound, and then varnished, the DeLuxe Cane is somewhat denser, more flexible, and has greater longevity than an ordinary rattan punishment cane. Each DeLuxe Cane is shipped with a protective carrying and storage scabbard, at no additional cost.

   But, the DeLuxe Cane's price is $80 ... so they are not for everyone -- or are they?

    We will sell you our second-quality DeLuxe Canes at a fraction of the first-quality price. These are straight rattan cane sticks with rounded tips. They perform, last, and are warrantied just like our premium grade. The differences are:  they don't have handles, we don't provide a scabbard -- and there are minor imperfections and cosmetic flaws.

    There is also one minor "catch. "  While we charge the same $20. price for all DeLuxe Cane Seconds, regardless of length, we don't always have all lengths and thicknesses on hand.

    In order to avoid unexpected delays and disappointments, you must phone in your order for Super Cane Seconds to 631-842-1711, and you can find out what else is in our Bargain Closet that day. There is a standard $5.00 handling fee, and shipping starts at $8.00 per order for Priority Mail.

Add Cane Handles and Cane Scabbards.

    If you like, you can add our standard two-tone double-helix paracord handle for just $20. more. And we sell the cane scabbards separately -- also for $20.. So, even if you let us do all the work, a second quality DeLuxe Cane is still quite a good value.

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How DeLuxe Canes are Born

   All the rattan canes we sell are selected for steaming from the best part of the bale. About a third of the rejects are good enough to sell as "culls." Of the part of the bale that is good enough to be steamed, we reject about a quarter of them after steaming, and these wind up as "show culls" also.

   To this point, only 35% of rattan canes from the original bale have passed inspection.

   The best third of the steamed rattan is put aside for DeLuxe Canes. These are the top 12% of the original bundle. And, of these, after linseed oil treatment and varnishing, half do not pass final inspection. Only one piece in 16 has made the final cut!

DeLuxe Cane Seconds are "super"    

    But even the rejected DeLuxe Canes are still from the best 10% of the bundle. They are oil-treated and far too good to throw away. And, one couple can use only so many rattan canes. So we're offering these next-best rattan canes to you at a fraction of the cost of the very best DeLuxe Canes.