Straps & Paddles Clearance

Here you will find a variety of opportunities:   One-of-a-kind samples and prototypes; extras that have been hanging around our closet ... and should be in yours -- plus the usual assortment of irregulars and returns that are always coming in and out of our Bargains section.   All are properly identified.

These items are sold “as Is.” They may not be returned for credit -- nor a cash refund.
There is our regular $5.00 per order handling fee, plus Regular shipping in the US by Priority Mail.

To order: Call (631) 842-1711 or send email with all info to

We still buy the top grade of leather for our straps and paddles. Problem is, the top is not as high as it used to be. Same US hides; same US suppliers ... but more of the pieces we make are winding up here in the Bargain bin because of minor flaws that are not always discovered until the item is too far along to just toss. Some are perfect, but just excess. So we pass along the bargains to our loyal customers.

Large Sole Bend

  Another case of a minor
slip not getting past Sir on inspection. It's still one of our most popular and effective implements and we carry it in both the Straps and Paddles sections because it is so versatile. The Big one is priced at $105.00 but this one is on special sale for
only $

Great Bear

   A lovely example of the Gladus Handle makes this Bear a keeper. There are no flaws in the piece ... only a customer that never made good on his order.
    We want this majestic beast to have a good home, so instead of the regular price of $125.00, we are offering this neoprene beauty at only $89.00.

   Or, you can order your own special Bear with the handle shape and color you prefer at regular price.

Large Tawes

      The customer wanted
the 24" size ... until he saw how big it was! He also wanted a square handle and not curved.
      After we made a Medium Tawes for him, we curved the handle on this one and put it here in the Bargain section for a "big player." Instead of the regular price of $110.00, you can have it for
only $80.00.

Big Brother

    The small cosmetic flaws in the border line of this Big slapper certainly won't interfere with its effectiveness ... and will be unnoticed by onlookers. It doesn't even show in the photo. But you will notice and appreciate the discounted price that will bring this piece into your dungeon.
   Instead of the regular price of $85.00, this "Black Beauty" can be yours for
only $60.00.

Or you can pick out your own color and tip shape in our Straps section, at regular price.


   Another perfect opportunity to
get a real Bargain. This long-legged beauty is really a fun companion at a play party. Needs a bit of room, but is a real swinger. And the price is delightful. Instead of the regular price of $85.00, this perfect partner is going for only $70.00

Double Strap

   There is nothing wrong with this beauty, except that the customer ordered a Slapstick.
        Rather than cut the ends, we decided to offer it here to one of our strap enthusiasts. Instead of the regular price of $95.00, a discerning bargain hunter gets it for
just $75.00.

    Or, you can order your own small or large Strap or Straddle with the handle shape and color you prefer, at regular price, in our Straps section.

Large Hairbrush Paddle

    More flexible and less punishing than wood,
this leather paddle is a favorite among our more moderate clients. This one is here in our closet, waiting to be put into yours. And to make that happen, instead of the regular price of $95.00,
a canny shopper can have this one at the price
only $70.00!

** We also have a unique Black version that is a real "heavyweight" that was hiding in the closet. It's not perfect but it is worth its weight at only $55.00!

Or, you can find your own favorite color ... or size ... in our Paddles section -- at regular price.

The Monitor

     There's nothing wrong with this little guy
that a home and a job won't cure. He's very versatile and is small enough to use in small spaces. And fits in the drawer of the night stand too.

      So, instead of the regular price of $55.00, this newfound friend will go home to you for only $45.00!

Pocket Paddles

   In creating an order for a retailer abroad of our 14" version, we made more than we needed ... just in case. Sole bend leather gives them a firmness with flexibility that is great for bedroom or OTK use.

   Now we have a few that were not needed for the order and are offering them here at a very special price. Instead of the regular price of $50.00, a smart shopper can have one of these, in our choice of color as available, at only $30.00 !

  Or find your favorite color or in White plastic in our Paddles section ... at regular price.

Middle Brother

 We recently filled a retailer's order and made more of these than were needed ... just in case. Now we have more than we need so are offering these "Goldilocks" of the Brothers ... not too big to wield but, not too small to have an effect.
    You can have yours, in our choice of color as available -- not at the regular $70.00 price, but for only $40.00!

Oh, Brother, a real steal!

Or choose your own sibling in our Straps section, with Round or Square tip, at regular price.

Little Brothers - GrabBag

  Also as a result of the retailer's order, we have several Little Brothers, aka Little Spankers, They vary in color -- so allow us to pick the best first for you. You won't be sorry. And, like the PP's, they are being offered at a special price of only $30.00 each!

Or, you can still choose one in our Straps section at regular price.

Scrap Straps
A single thickness, 14 - 18” long (it depends on the nature of the scrap) of our best 12 oz. oak tanned strap leather, roughly cut to form the handle.
    Use for its intended purpose, or add jeweler’s rouge or aluminum oxide paste, and make a great sharpening strop for knives and tools! 
         Colors: Black, Burgundy, Russet when available ... our choice.
Or click here for our regular Straps.

Now $15.00 each - only with purchase of another regular item.  

Rubber Scrap Straps

This is an opportunity and a great value: The same Black neoprene as in our "Bears" is now available as a Foot-long Scrap Strap (lengths vary a bit). Or find your own Little Bear in our Straps section.

It's just $20.00, with the purchase of a regular item.

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