Special Add-ons

These items are sold “as is.” They are for sale only with another item from our regular catalog. They may not be returned for credit -- nor a cash refund.
To order, call (631) 842-1711 or send email with all info to:


   For those who don't like the feel of the crop on them ... wherever it may be ... comes a new version of a "Bust-Duster" on a stick! .    

   This is a Vegan version ... with a nylon braided handle and a white "pom-pom. Handle colors will vary. All fun! And, at 24" overall, you can dust in high places, too.

   Your choice with a purchase from our regular items. Special holiday pricing: $20.00 each

Round Tuits

    Remember how you said you would play, as soon as you got "a round tuit." Well -- here they are! No more excuses! Furry on one side, in Black (there's still one Red); smooth leather on the other; and an elastic strap to hold it on your hand. Torture isn't always pain ... or use it to cool down the hot spots ... afterward.

   Your choice - $5.00 each, with purchase of a regular catalog item.


Blindfold Clearance

   We are down to our last Blindfold -- the one in Black leather with shiny rivets available with purchase of a regular item from our catalog at the closeout price of $10.00!

Handcuff Tie or Lapel Pin

We found a few hiding in a box so
here they are, with a regular purchase,
at the bargain price of

   And, speaking of Handcuffs: Do you have metal cuffs that chafe? Wish your "torture could be more comforable"?

   We have the answer:

   We have a few pairs of "Handcuff Cozies" and they are offered here for only $5.00 a pair when you place an order for one of our regular products.

(Right now there is one pair each of the Black, Dark Blue and Pumpkin. There are two pairs of the Burgundy. That can change.)

   If your order goes over $100.00, your pair is FREE!

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